Khalid Al Banna


Khalid Al Banna studied architecture and engineering at the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain.  Since graduating in 1997, he has been creating art in numerous mediums – including drawing, printmaking, painting, and sculpture – and is now renowned for his mixed collages and etchings. Al Banna has participated in many exhibitions nationally and internationally, including Egypt, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Switzerland, and the United States. He currently lives and works in Sharjah.


Known for their vivid colors and distinct shapes, Khalid Al Banna’s textile works symbolize the diverse populations in the UAE today. Each type of fabric used to create his work represents a different nationality residing in the Emirates. The amount he chooses directly corresponds with local demographics. Al Banna uses bright, multicolored cloth from jalabiya, a traditional dress for Emirati women that is still popular with young girls today. Emiratis have witnessed the disappearance of many customs since the UAE was established over forty years ago, Al Banna believes his works help preserve and revive time-honored materials associated with the nation’s heritage. He intersperses these fabrics in order to convey the country’s cosmopolitan character.


  Wedding 02 , Fabric, beads and glitter, 2016, Khalid Al Banna

Wedding 02, Fabric, beads and glitter, 2016, Khalid Al Banna